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Spot Your Impostor Twin: Feeling like a fake? Discover your impostor archetype, from Perfectionist to Expert, and shine a light on those hidden doubts. 🕵️‍♀️

Deep Dive into You: Unpack what triggers your impostor syndrome and flip the script on self-doubt. Get ready for some serious self-discovery. 🧠

Lead with Confidence: With new insights and doubt-ditching strategies, you're all set to rock the tech world. Climb that leadership ladder like a boss. 💪

Hey There, Hey!

My name is Erika Chestnut and I empower women in tech to own their space and succeed on their terms. With a vibrant tech career spanning over two decades, I've navigated through the industry's challenges to emerge as a beacon of leadership, quality, and empowerment. I specialize in helping women dismantle the barriers of self-doubt and construct a foundation of confidence and clarity.

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